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Essex Life

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Essex Life

Essex Life magazine celebrates the very best aspects of life in this fabulous county – all wrapped up in a beautiful, monthly magazine. Each issue offers readers the chance to explore Essex with features on the county’s towns and villages plus interviews with the celebrities and most celebrated residents of Essex. After bringing news and views from the county for more than 55 years, Essex Life is well established as the favourite magazine in Essex. And with good reason. Offering a monthly snapshot of county life, the magazine is also a hub for inspirational ideas – from dining destinations and fabulous fashions to top beauty tips and the latest trends for the home and garden. An ever-increasing readership has placed Essex Life at the heart of the local community and this important role is reflected with regular columns from key groups such as the Essex RSPB and Rural Community Council of Essex. The Beautiful Essex section within Essex Life also gives photographers the chance to showcase their images of Essex landscapes across the county and many more images of Essex are posted on our various online forums. A packed events section provides a host of options for a grand day out in Essex and a hand-picked selection of the best and brightest occasions feature within our prestigious society pages. There is also the opportunity to look back at how the county once was with images from the Essex Record Office archives as well as regular features on the heritage that has made the county of Essex so great. So whether you want to remember how Essex was in the past, are keen to find out more about the county now or are planning ahead for a future visit to the county, Essex Life is the perfect place to start.


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