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The Fintech Times


The Fintech Times

Fintech is not a new definition. It just started trending in recent years as the future of finance, of financial services, and indeed of money itself. For those already in the know, this is not news. Fintech isn’t a business sector; it’s dozens of sectors. Everything from high street banks, investment companies, money transfer, fintech is re-engineering these sectors into their next generation. And there are new kinds of businesses emerging within fintech: crowdfunding, peer2peer lending platforms, crypto currencies, the Internet of Things, sectors that are digitally native; they didn’t exist before the internet. There’s many ways to look at fintech. It’s about new companies, and new technologies for old companies. It’s about inventors and visionaries, and everyday people creating something new. It’s about your bank, your phone, and your job. It’s about you today. It’s about the future. And it’s definitely about change. Big big change. A fintech newspaper? People like newspapers. They can be a three-minute read between tube stops, or a Sunday morning in bed. So what kind of newspaper is this? There’s so much happening in fintech, it’s so interesting, and sometimes so complicated, and we think it needs its own monthly newspaper as an industry report. That’s what The Fintech Times is. Who for? For company directors, entrepreneurs, and managers, business minded people. It’s for everyone in finance, banking, and investment. Anyone in tech and anyone interested in startups. Because fintech is where the money is. Format Each month we will be exploring a new fintech sector, interviewing thought leaders and experts, digging deep into the ideas, people, and technology. Then taking that experience and presenting it in a format that you can read at your leisure. We plan to keep it intelligent, investigative, authentic, but not too serious; informative and useful, but not too technical. Enjoyable. Let us know when we get it right or wrong. So… Keep your copy, start subscribing, become a member, or partner. Watch the changes happen. Be involved if you choose. Fintech is new. And Fintech is the news. London, by the way, is the World leader in fintech, and long may we be so. Not that we don’t welcome the competition.


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