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History of War America at War
Future Publishing Limited (Bookazines)

History of War America at War

Born out of conflict during the War of Independence with Great Britain, the United States has gone from colony to global superpower in little over 230 years. In America at War, explore how the USA has been defined by warfare, its most iconic engagements and the weapons and technology it’s used throughout history. Look at the conflicts that shaped the nation’s formation and early years – from the American Revolution to the Civil War. From here uncover how the United States established itself on the global stage, playing a key role in the 20th century’s two world wars and going head- to-head with the USSR during the Cold War. As a world superpower the US has become a target for terrorism, which led to the attacks of 9/11. Look at the War on Terror that followed and the US’s conflicts in the Middle East, some of which still continue to this day.


History of War America at War Third Edition
Third Edition
History of War America at War 2nd Edition
2nd Edition