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Live Science How Your Body Works
Future Publishing Limited (Bookazines)

Live Science How Your Body Works

"If you’ve ever wondered how the trillions of cells in your body work together to keep you alive, Live Science has the answers. Throughout this collection, you’ll find out how complex networks of neurons control our thoughts and actions, and how specialised systems perform vital functions such as keeping our blood pumping, making our muscles move, and protecting us from harm. In this book you’ll also discover some of the weird and wonderful things about our bodies that science is yet to explain: from the existential – like why we laugh, dream and cry – to the trivial, like why a protein- packed meal can lead to ‘meat sweats’. Read on to gain a new appreciation for the human body, and everything that makes you, well, you!"


Live Science How Your Body Works Third Edition
Third Edition
Live Science How Your Body Works 1st Edition
1st Edition