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Real Crime Case Files
Future Publishing Limited (Bookazines)

Real Crime Case Files

There’s something strangely fascinating about the world’s most shocking and sadistic crimes – from the monsters behind them and their twisted methods to the unfortunate victims and the often complex investigations. In Real Crime: Case Files we’ll explore some of the most horrifying crimes committed in recent times, giving you access to tons of expert analysis, crime scene photos, diagrams, maps and all the disturbing details. We’ll uncover the truth behind high-profile cases such as Richard Speck’s crime of the century and the Amityville murders, investigate the unsolved disappearance of Maddie McCann and explore Ariel Castro’s house of horrors and what really went on behind closed doors. We also try to get into the minds of Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof, Josef Fritzl and many others to find out what drove these monsters to commit the sadistic crimes they did. So, if you’re ready, take a deep breath, open up the case files and let’s explore some of history’s most horrifying crimes…


Real Crime Case Files Fourth Edition
Fourth Edition
Real Crime Case Files 3rd Edition
3rd Edition