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Adam Jensen is back in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and to celebrate he’s diced up the cover of this month’s GamesMaster! We’ve popped over to Eidos Montreal to discover how the augmented hero’s latest outing is coming together and – spoilers! – it’s looking fantastic. There are all-new combat abilities, a frankly disturbingly sleek engine, and some crazy new player choice shake ups. Pick up a copy now to dig into exclusive interviews with the team making the game, as well as a unique insight into one of the weightiest gaming legacies going. We’ve two massive hands-on previews a little further into the issue for you, too. Street Fighter V: now there’s a game that needs to be played to be believed. It’s all change for the bastion of fighters – discover just how different as we grab a pad and give it a whirl. Speaking of all change, Metal Gear Solid V is the second of our giant playtests. That’s right, we’ve been sneaking through several hours of the game to get you the reconnaissance you need. Our Previews section doesn’t end there, of course, with the likes of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Lego Dimensions, and the exciting proposition that is Yooka-Laylee filling things out. Over in Reviews, it’s Nintendo’s time to shine. Its calamari-infused shooter, Splatoon, has taken over the section, getting paint in between the staples and everything. Here’s the crucial question though: is it any good? We’ll let you know what we truly ink in our six-page lead review! As always your GM doesn’t end there. Settle down for the long haul with our in-depth RetroMaster section, this month taking a look back at the original Deus Ex. Then there’s a very special, very exclusive and very mysterious interview with Bloodborne and Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. There’s also our regular CheatMaster and CultureMaster sections, as well as all the Minecraft and indie games coverage you could possibly want. Enjoy your GM!


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