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The Traveller's Guide to Dark Tourism
Future Publishing Limited


The Traveller's Guide to Dark Tourism

"With its macabre and morbid connotations, dark tourism provokes strong reactions – how can we, as humans, justify the commodification of history’s most profound and devastating events? To assume that all dark tourism is exploitative is unfair, however; for many, it is an essential part of understanding the world’s bloody and brutal past, and using history’s teachings to inform and shape our future. In The Traveller’s Guide to Dark Tourism, we delve into what it means to be a dark tourist; uncover the ethics of such travel, including which destinations serve to educate and inform, as well as the dos and don’ts of visiting sites with sinister pasts. Elsewhere, explore some of the most significant sites to visit, from places that have been shaped by disasters – both natural and man-made – and battlefields of the world’s defining wars, to the living legacy of Europe’s recent history behind the Iron Curtain or the tombs and mausoleums of the most important leaders and revolutionaries. "


The Traveller's Guide to Dark Tourism First Edition
First Edition