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World of Animals Deadly Predators
Future Publishing Limited


World of Animals Deadly Predators

"The zebra didn’t see it coming – one moment there was peace, and the next it was trying to escape the jaws of a lion, an apex predator looking for lunch. One of Africa’s most voracious hunters, the lion has adapted itself to the environment, but it’s not the only animal that has done so. In World of Animals Deadly Predators, come face to face with some of the world’s greatest hunters. Uncover the birds of prey that use their speed to their advantage, and meet the sharks that stalk their prey in the ocean. Explore the vicious marsupials in Australia, and take a look at how wild cats and dogs have forged a fearsome reputation. But not all killers are as well known as tigers, eagles and spiders. Discover some surprising critters that hunt down their dinner, and find out which small animal manages to capture and kill an astonishing 95% of its prey."


World of Animals Deadly Predators 1st Edition
1st Edition