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World of Animals Extreme Animals
Future Publishing Limited


World of Animals Extreme Animals

Get up close to the most impressive animals on Earth and prepare to be amazed. Discover the planet’s toughest survivors as we examine the extremophiles that can endure searing heat, freezing winds, low oxygen and crushing pressure. Take a look at some of the biggest, fastest, strongest and most dangerous animals on Earth, and learn all about how they’ve adapted to thrive in such unique habitats. Meet animals with brainpower beyond belief, including apes, orcas and crows, and become acquainted with the smelliest and loudest creatures in the world. See if you can spot the best masters of disguise, from the pygmy seahorse to the leaf-tailed gecko, and marvel at some of the most remarkable migrations. We also explore the worst temper tantrums in the animal kingdom, the greediest creatures alive, the most flirtatious, the hardest working, and many more!


World of Animals Extreme Animals 1st Edition
1st Edition