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Mindful Crafting
Kelsey Publishing Limited

Mindful Crafting

There’s something special about crafting with paper and fabric. The art of taking a simple, everyday item, that we all have access to, and applying various skills and techniques to turn it into something beautiful. In each issue of Mindful Crafting, we bring you a wealth of wonderful crafting projects that you can try yourself, inspiring you to develop your skills. Mindful Crafting is unique. Every issue shares useful tips on mindfulness and how to bring this practice into your crafting. In doing so, you will enjoy the heightened benefits of channelling your energies to become fully present in the moment, using your craft as a method of relaxation and escapism. Whether you are new to crafting, a seasoned pro, or picking things up again where you left off, crafting is a therapy for everyone.


Mindful Crafting Issue 8
Issue 8
Mindful Crafting Issue 7
Issue 7
Mindful Crafting Issue 6
Issue 6
Mindful Crafting Issue 5
Issue 5
Mindful Crafting Issue 4
Issue 4
Mindful Crafting Issue 3
Issue 3
Mindful Crafting Issue 2
Issue 2
Mindful Crafting Issue 1
Issue 1