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Women's Running April 24, 2014 00:00

In this issue of Women's Running : Everyone has a di erent perception of what makes a “real runner”. It’s strange – I’ve met women who have completed marathons and ultras, but who still don’t regard themselves as “proper runners”, while other women who regularly devote a good portion of their lives to fitting in time to run don’t think they have the right to call themselves a runner. So, what makes a “proper runner”? In my view, it’s anyone who puts on their running shoes and goes out for a run on a regular basis, regardless of distance or speed. If you regularly put one foot in front of the other, you’re a runner. However, you may want to consider what distances or speeds will best suit you and your build. Liz Yelling looks at this on page 36 and also reassures you that you can still change – in short, a faster runner can become better at long, slow distances and a distance runner can improve over short bursts. It’s all down to the appropriate training. We’re all busy juggling work and family commitments, so a lunchtime running plan is a good idea (page 40). Find out how to fi t in that short run and check out the kit you need to keep you fresh at the desk post-run. If the marathon bug has bitten you, we have 20 of the best marathons to add to your bucket list on page 44. And if you’ve been training hard, discover how to boost your recovery on page 48. In the meantime, find out how you can enter our 10K Race Series on page 22 or visit our website, wr10k.co.uk. Our first 10K takes place in Lee Valley, London, on 3 May. Sign up and you’ll be guaranteed a great goody bag worth over £30, a finisher’s medal to be proud of and pacers for every speed. Keep in touch and see you next month! Christina Macdonald, Editor-in-Chief

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