November 2016 : Page 1

PMCI November 01, 2016 00:00

In this issue of PMCI : Welcome to the latest issue of PMCI, the only publication dedicated to PMC Operatives.

With so much going on around us it is important that "skills and drills" up kept to date and PMCI was lucky enough to spend some time with CROPS, talking to them about their "Technical Surveillance & Cueing Course". We also had an in-depth conversation with Gerald Bailey from SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL, in South Africa, about about their new eBook, entitled "Dynamic Vehicle Combatives", which is an introduction into defending oneself both inside and outside of your vehicle, while Trampas looks at a great bit of gear that will truly help with your range training.

We take a look at some of the latest gear, including UF PRO's Striker Stealth Smock and Delta Eagle Jacket, plus some excellent eye protection from BLUEYE and LOWA Task Force boots. 0241 Tactical come under the spotlight in "Meet the Manufacturer" and Trampas takes us to the edge with KRYPTEIA knives and gets up close and personal with SIG's 226 and 229. He also writes about a tradition that has been with us for hundreds of years and is as meanigful today as it was the the ancient Romans, the challenge coin.

Andy looks at the pros and cons of revolvers and semi-auto pistols and also re-visits the use of an ISW holster and how to rectify some simple mistakes when carrying a concealed handgun.

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