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Teach Yourself Photoshop June 01, 2019 00:00

In this issue of Teach Yourself Photoshop : The photographic process starts the moment you press the camera’s shutter release button, but it doesn’t end there. Sometimes the camera makes a mistake, you compose the picture in a rush or an unwanted object needs to be cloned out, and you need the help of an image-editing program to put things right. The camera also captures the world in a very literal way, so that the image you see on your computer screen can look like a rather pale imitation of what you saw in your mind’s eye. This is where you need a really good image-editing program, and Photoshop is the best there is. It’s a supremely well-designed application with a clean and simple interface that’s welcoming for beginners but offers experts all the power they need. Photoshop can fix those annoying flaws that stand between a good photo and a great one; it can help you restore the drama, beauty and atmosphere you’re trying to capture, and it can ‘supercharge’ reality to produce images that simply take your breath away. We’ve put together this guide to help you get the very best from Photoshop CC and your own photography. We show you how to organise your images using Bridge or Lightroom, get the best possible quality from your raw files with Adobe Camera Raw, and unleash the full power of Photoshop’s selections, masks and layers tools.

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Teach Yourself Photoshop
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