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Men’s Fitness Guides September 16, 2020 00:00

In this issue of Men’s Fitness Guides : In the first of Kelsey Publishing’s new bookazines devoted to men’s fitness, we have the Complete Guide to Dumbbell Training. This invaluable special edition is dedicated to the humble dumbbell – an essential bit of kit that can torch fat and build full-body muscle. What’s more, once you’ve got this bookazine – and a set of dumbbells for as little as £30 – you can get in shape from the sanctuary of your own home.

The guide includes:
- The essentials dumbbell training
- How to personalise a dumbbell programme
- Simple warm-up and effective cool-down exercises
- Body-specific exercises for a rock-solid core, powerful glutes, a big chest and more
- Combo moves to get you lean
- Sports- specific workouts to get you excelling in your chosen field
- A 12-week programme to help you build your ultimate physique
- More than 40 moves in detail to perfect your form and swerve any setbacks

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