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Vegan Life March 06, 2020 00:00

In this issue of Vegan Life : As we move further into the year, for the first time in history, it’s no surprise to see vegan product launches popping up left, right and centre. We’re spoilt for choice now when it comes to meat replacements (check out some of our faves on p36-37) and delicious vegan menus in restaurants. In our happy, well-fed bubbles, it’s important not to forget the reasons we went vegan in the first place, and for most of us, it was for the animals.
We have much to celebrate, being vegans in an increasingly accepting world, but it’s vital to remember to look at the reality of animal exploitation, even when it brings us back down to earth with an angry and uncomfortable bump. Yes, it’s exciting to try a meatless marinara sandwich at Subway, but it’s also important to discuss with your friends and family why you’ve chosen to purchase that item. I had a reality check this month reading about the awful kopi luwak coffee industry (find out more on p66). Whilst I have never drunk the horrible stuff, the many, many ways that animals are exploited never fails to shock me. Things are changing, but we still have a lot of work to do.
Vegan Life Live is fast approaching on March 14th–15th and we can’t wait to see you all there. Turn to p76 to see a snippet of the incredible line-up we’ve curated and what you can expect to enjoy over the weekend.

Have a great month,

Phillipa Smith

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