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In this issue of Saga Magazine : It’s August, so time to dust off the barbie and head for the great outdoors, or just the back garden, to enjoy an alfresco feast or two while the sun shines. Whether you lust after the latest gizmos – a wood-fired pizza oven, a precision-pizzaz gas barbecue – or are content with a back-to-basics campfire, we’ve got the lowdown on the best ways to cook up some surprises this summer: roast chicken and dauphinoise potatoes, anyone?
One person who’s certainly all fired up is our cover star, Fern Britton. Fit, feisty and funny, the one-time This Morning presenter is loving her fifties. She has a refreshingly down-to-earth family-first attitude, but she’s still found time to fit in a new time-travelling reality TV series and a 1,000-mile charity bike ride. Another woman doing things she never dreamed possible is Nancy Ashmawy, the unlikely star of Sky’s 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy. Encouraged by her TV presenter son, this 72-year-old Dublin grandmother is travelling the world and thrilling us all with the hair-raising challenges her wacky son throws at her – skydiving, cage-diving with sharks, eating tarantulas. However terrifying the task, the delightful ex-nurse Nancy takes it all in her sensible stride.
We also meet madcap inventor Tim Hunkin, who is unlikely ever to be described as sensible. He’s devoted much of his life to devising weird and wonderfully surreal homemade end-of-the-pier-style slot machines, from the scary Crankenstein to the literally barking Test Your Nerve dribbling dog. If you like making things yourself, you won’t want to miss the first in our new craft series, which shows you how to stitch your own stylish espadrilles. And if you’d rather just make some new friends, we’ve got lots of tips and tricks for extending your social network and turning acquaintances into lifelong pals.
All that, plus Lynne Truss’s wit and Paul Lewis’s wisdom, just part of our unrivalled regular coverage of the arts, money, health, gardening, food and drink, travel and all the things that matter to you.

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