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In this issue of The Lady : As writers get blocked, so actors get typecast. It’s
one of the perils of getting too much of a good
thing. And if anyone has run the risk of getting
too closely linked to one key character, surely
that man is Daniel Radcliffe – otherwise known
as Harry Potter. Daniel literally grew up playing
JK Rowling’s boy wizard. He
certainly made a merry fortune,
but there was also the risk that Harry – I
mean, Daniel – would never work again.
Thankfully, Daniel has now proved that
he’s more than capable of moving into other,
more mature roles, as Melonie Clarke discovers
during her interview with him on page 14.
In fact, as Daniel explains, his latest outing,
in romantic comedy What If, marks a whole new departure
for him – just don’t mention all those Harry Potter chat-up lines
that still come his way.
We also have the hilarious Liz Hodgkinson on what it’s like to
be painted in a less-than-fl attering light in your own beloved son’s
book; the only man standing in the way of the great British deckchair
going the way of the dodo, and a fascinating insight into the
little tricks of the mind that can change your life – apparently, if
you want someone to love you, simply give them a little fright.
Best Wishes
Matt Warren, Editor

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