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The Lady September 26, 2014 00:00

In this issue of The Lady : One of the perks of this job is hearing from
The Ladies, the wonderful women – and, yes, men
– who read this magazine. The letters I receive
are witty, colourful… and never fail to tell me
exactly what’s what.
This week’s letters page features a lovely story
from a reader whose grandmother had to spend
some time in hospital.
Grandmother, I’m told, doesn’t like magazines. She believes
they’re ‘a waste of money’. Nevertheless, our reader diligently took
her grandmother a copy of The Lady each
time she visited, without quite knowing
whether it was being appreciated or not.
Until, one week, she forgot. Grandmother,
it seemed, bristled, demanding to know
where the magazine was.
‘But magazines are a waste of money,’ our
reader quipped cheekily.
‘Ahh,’ replied her grandmother. ‘But The Lady is a particularly
good waste of money.’
A particularly good waste of money… what a jolly advertising
slogan. In fact, I like it so much that I’d like to ask each of you to
better it. Send us a single line that sums up The Lady for you and
some of the fi nest may well fi nd their way on to the front cover of
your favourite magazine.
Enjoy the issue.
Very best wishes,
Matt Warren

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