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In this issue of The Lady : Dear Readers,
How often today will you be asked, or indeed
will you ask, the question: How are you? The
likelihood is that you will answer with a jolly,
‘I’m fine, thank you’ even if things are far from
fine. But perhaps you might have slipped into
using the catch-all phrase ‘I’m Good’, in which case, beware the
wrath of Paul Barnes, who explains that he would like to ban the
use of this phrase along with a whole host of other verbal tics
including ‘app’ and ‘uni’ or, his real bugbear, the habit of starting
a conversation with the single word: ‘So?’
It is a sentiment shared by Thomas
Blaikie, who this week tackles the
trying problem of people who refer
to someone as ‘she’ – a guaranteed cue
for the response ‘Who is she? The cat’s
grandmother?’ It’s possible that these
things grate more in January when we are all faced with trying
to keep to our New Year resolutions. It’s so hard – is one little
chocolate biscuit really a deal breaker?
One way to avoid temptation is to lose yourself in someone
else’s narrative, a good book or a film perhaps, and for those
who love their drama with a little more grit there is the welcome
return of Emilia Fox in Silent Witness. At 41 years old, Emilia
still looks as youthful as when she first starred in the role
12 years ago.
Her’s is a hard act to follow but, according to Jo Foley’s
health advice, simple age management is the new way forward,
it just takes a little bit of commitment. Helpful advice for those
embarking on Bert Baker’s Ladygram for the first time.
Until next week, best wishes
Sam Taylor

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