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In this issue of The Lady : Can there be a single person (subject even) who
is not in awe of the no-nonsense character and
graceful wit that we have come to associate with
Queen Elizabeth II ? As she approaches her 90th
birthday, the Queen continues to undertake as
much work as she has ever done, leaving younger members of the
Royal Family embarrassed by her energy and enthusiasm for ‘the
job’, as it is often called.
As we discover in this special
commemorative edition, she dislikes
fuss, still rides her beloved horses
weekly, has been known to watch
Countdown with her butler, has a
lady-in-waiting who once defended her honour with a hatpin and
is not above making fun of herself. She once saw herself on TV
and commented: ‘Look, I’ve got my Miss Piggy face on.’ She also
has the finest personal jewellery collection in the world and the
fastest racing pigeons – 200 of them are nestled in a corner of
Sandringham. As Victor Olliver reveals in his exclusive reading
of her personal horoscope, she is a Taurean whose popularity is
set to rise this year. But then, we don’t really need astrology to
tell us that.
Happy Birthday, Your Majesty. We hope you have a day full of
love, laughter, and several slices of delicious cake!
Until next time, best wishes,

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