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The Lady April 22, 2016 00:00

In this issue of The Lady : If you are not a cat-lover I can only hope that
this week’s utterly gorgeous cover will convert
you to join the 12 million of us who are, if not
devoted, at least in thrall to our feline friends.
Our cover star is the late Sir Thomas Mouser,
so named I suspect because he was keen on nocturnal patrols.
It’s a devotion shared with my own cat, Lulu Guinness, who
hasn’t slept a night in her life for fear of an enemy attack on
the biscuit tin. At dawn, she likes to
turn her attention to ‘kneading’ my
slumber-filled head. And no matter
how many times I cry out: ‘Why are
you doing this?’ she never tells me.
But this week, finally, we discover
what cats really think. Or what they want us to think.
Because, make no mistake, like the silky undies revealed
in the V&A’s new exhibition, we owners are only there in
a supporting role.
Sir Ben Kingsley, on the other hand, has transcended the
constraints of humankind to become the biggest cat of all:
Bagheera, the wise panther in the new remake of Rudyard
Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Personally, I don’t envy him that
elevation – all that dank undergrowth to get through and no
chance of a relaxing bath at the end.
The person I do envy, however, is the evergreen Diana Moran,
our new Health and Wellbeing columnist. Every week she will
be turning her experience as a nutrition and fitness expert to our
dilemmas, no matter how small they might seem.
Until next week, best wishes,
‘We discover what cats
really think – or what
they want us to think’
Sam Taylor,

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