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The Lady May 06, 2016 00:00

In this issue of The Lady : Dear Readers,
In this season of ‘big birthdays’ – the Queen and
David Attenborough to name but two – we look
at another national treasure celebrating a
significant anniversary: Butlin’s, whose first
holiday camp opened 80 years ago last month.
Paul Barnes’s tale of life in the Skegness camp in the late 1950s,
with its Redcoats, sing-songs and knobbly-knees competitions, is
one of round-the-clock cheerfulness and jollity. Even if review
websites like TripAdvisor had been
around then, we doubt there’d have
been many complaints.
These days, though, things are very
different. We inhabit a culture of
criticism, brilliantly dissected in
Liz Hodgkinson’s ‘Moaning Minnies’ feature, which seems to
positively encourage negative, even downright nasty, feedback.
Unpleasant behaviour can, of course, make for entertaining
fiction, and Miranda Priestly, the magazine editor portrayed by
our cover star Meryl Streep in comedy drama The Devil Wears
Prada, is a delicious example of a bullying and mercilessly
critical boss. Priestly may be a devil, but she does, however, wear
fabulous clothes, and if you yearn to cut a similarly elegant
figure, don’t miss this week’s fashion pages, featuring
monochrome outfits and accessories. In a nod to Cecil Beaton’s
famous black-and-white designs for the Ascot scene in My Fair
Lady, we bring you a stylish and flattering selection, fit for any
occasion that calls for striking yet understated chic.
Until next week, best wishes,

Sam Taylor, Editor

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