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In this issue of The Lady : Dear Readers,
Emily Blunt always seems to me to be one of
those delightful women who would be great to be stuck in a train carriage with – which is odd as her latest film, The Girl On The Train,
presents her as the sort of passenger best avoided. She has an adorable look, rather oldfashioned, even when she is being haughty, as she was as the lunch-starved, romance-bereft, PA
in The Devil Wears Prada. Still, her job got her the best dresses in
the end, if not the date. Liz Hodgkinson has recently been on lots of dates and has been shocked to discover that on many occasions she has been expected to pay. Is this right? Is there a price on romance?
One way to avoid the nasty issue of who foots the bill is to
meet your friends and potential loved ones on a cruise, where
everything is usually included. Some of the best holidays I’ve had
and nicest people I’ve met have been on cruises. For a taster, why
not take a flick through our cruise special and then perhaps even
visit the fashion pages and invest in some cruise wear. It’s a look
that makes the world go round…
Until next week, best wishes
Sam Taylor

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