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In this issue of Amateur Gardening : So, how high should I set the mower blades?” asked Kath. My wife and I seem to have reversed the traditional roles which demand that hubby does the lawn and wifey plants the hanging basket. But it’s like hovering carpets indoors – I love the end result but there are always more important things to do. And anyway, why should I if Kath does it? “Highest setting,” I replied, “A scalped lawn will suffer from hard frost, and it’s only March.” Kath wrenched the height adjustment lever on our old electric mower – KLAK! (when aroused she can exhibit remarkable feats of strength, however in this case her wrenching was not a sign of being aroused, but an essential tactic as the lever is very stiff) and set off across the lawn…. WWWuurrrrRZZZZZZ. She stopped. “It’s having no effect. Are you sure you’ve got it right?” She had a point – there wasn’t a trace in the 4in (10cm) long grass of where the mower had been. “Well, drop it down half way,” I said, “but no further.” “I can’t, the lever is too stiff.” “Oh! For goodness sake, let me,” I said. It didn’t shift fi rst tug, so I pushed the mower on its side and wrenched the lever again. KLAK! “There,” I said, “that wasn’t so difficult. How come you managed it before but couldn’t this time?” “Why should I if I can get a man to do it?” Have a great gardening week. Tim Rumball - Editor

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