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Uncut December 19, 2014 00:00

In this issue of Uncut : Coming up! Paul McCartney is the subject of Uncut's latest Ultimate Music Guide - a fab extravaganza, even by the standards of this handsome and authoritative series. As ever, we've uncovered a host of remarkable Macca interviews from the archives of NME, Uncut and Melody Maker. Along with definitive new reviews of all his albums, they tell the story of how Paul McCartney changed the world, and what happened next. There are frank reflections on life past and present, bantering encounters with Wings, and a constant and fascinating narrative about how Macca tries to reconcile being "Mr Normal" with being, well, Sir Paul McCartney. In an epic Uncut interview from 2004 issue of Uncut, McCartney admits, "I’ve put out an awful lot of records. Some of them I shouldn’t have put out, sure." Surprisingly for such a public genius, McCartney's discography is full of odd excursions and experiments, of great songs hidden away and half-forgotten. This Uncut Ultimate Guide is, we hope, a key to the treasures of Macca's long, engrossing career. Let us roll it!

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