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Prima - UK

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Prima - UK

Prima is the ultimate affordable lifestyle brand for today’s busy, savvy women. Bright, enthusiastic and fun, the Prima reader looks for and finds a unique mix of fashion and beauty inspiration, smart advice, great cookery, crafting and entertainment ideas, plus success stories of real women like her, in her favourite magazine, at its shows and events, on its social media platforms and its new website Prima.co.uk. And everything is brought to her in Prima’s signature accessible, snappy, upbeat style. The Prima reader loves… New fashion and beauty moves… She wants to be on-trend and look terrific without blowing her budget! She needs style guidance and encouragement to find her fashion confidence and to try new things to suit her shape. And she is keen for advice on her hair, the latest anti-ageing skincare and best value make-up around. Getting creative… She has a passion for inspiring makes sparked by her personal creativity. Yes, she loves to save money by making from scratch but she also loves to give things she has made from the heart to her family and friends. Hardly surprising that Prima’s unique free and exclusive knitting and sewing patterns are requested by tens of thousands every month and stimulate a strong subscriber base, while thousands more women go to the brand’s Knitting & Stitching shows to hone their crafts. Her happy home… It’s the hub of her family life. So delicious, easy and speedy recipes for time-pressed weekdays, and relaxed menus for weekend get-togethers are key, along with show-stopper bakes and cakes. Plus super-easy and super-smart home styling and cleaning tips and tricks. Being inspired… By everything! She adores uplifting stories of successful, amazing or funny real-life women, great health, wellbeing and diet advice, ideas for work and business moves, tempting holidays, gardening inspiration and even tips for her beloved family pets! Staying in the know… About better ways to spend, clever ways to deal with the problems that life throws up and more. She’s embraced technology and uses it daily to keep in touch with her ever widening circle of friends, many made through the Prima network, prompting her to pass on news and ideas she discovers almost daily! A five-minute break… With a little bit of downtime, she’ll look to Prima to entertain her with competitions, coffee-break short stories and a few mind-bending puzzles!


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