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Child India
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Child India

The 81-year-old Parenthood Group at the Meredith Corporation, USA, invented the parenting category in publication decades ago and has been the top choice of parents over generations with its complementary parenting publications Parents, American Baby and Child, along with family magazine, Family Circle. An extended audience of 47 million readers for Parents, American Baby, Child and Family Circle has validated these publications as the most widespread, penetrative, credible and influential in the USA. So Child is born of the foremost parenting publications in the USA that make up the single largest parent community anywhere in the world. Child is the world's leading parenting magazine has been launched in India by Media Transasia in April, 2008. Child caters to the burgeoning numbers of educated, professional first- and second-time parents who are tuning into sources beyond traditional knowledge for raising happy, healthy kids. Child combines world wisdom with local content relevant to the Indian family, school and environment. It fills a huge void in parenting resources in India as the thinking choice for the new generation of parents who seek the best for their child and themselves. Child India will combine both the informational and emotional aspects of parenting, by being a comprehensive and authoritative resource for parents, by addressing parents' concerns, answering their questions, voicing their opinions, advocating their causes and helping them celebrate and enjoy the many joys of parenthood. Child will cover every stage and age of children from pre birth to 12 years of age. Child is a friendly, positive, complete parenting magazine embracing all aspects of parenting: pregnancy, birth, development, health, discipline, behaviour, education, activities and games as well as new products and practices. Rather than preaching or firefighting, Child approaches parenthood as a time to be enjoyed. Child provides parents with choices and possibilities of how best to bring up their children today in tune with their lifestyle. Child is a comprehensive guide to positive parenting.


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