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Auto Today
Living Media India Limited


Auto Today

Everything has rules and procedures to be followed while undertaking any process. Auto Magazines are no different. There are a certain amount of rules that magazines follow to keep a healthy relationship with advertisers and more often than not give vague verdicts. But Auto Today is here to ‘unfollow’ a lot of common practices followed by the industry. Launched by the India Today group, Auto Today will be a premium offering and follow the same path of credible and reliable information to empower the reader. The most in-depth news coverage along with the most detailed first drives and first rides is what you as a reader can expect from us. Not to forget our comprehensive yet detailed comparison tests where the only thing we leave to the tester’s perspective are the looks. Everything else is weighed, measure and tested, then compiled using our secret formulas to arrive at a definite verdict and not the to-each-his—own conclusion. Wan to be a DIY expert? Flip to our DIY section where we tell you about a new Do-It-Yourself solution every month. For the enthusiast we bring all automotive products to the table like aftermarket fitments, accessories and even most affordable and expensive memorabilia. Still not satisfied? Well, off-late we’ve developed a special affection towards never-before-attempted-drives and unique features which will be found at the heart of every Auto Today issue.


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