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Adorn September 21, 2017 00:00

In this issue of Adorn : Museums are a bridge between the past and the present, showcasing a slice of history to remind us of our artistic traditions. For five long months this year, the Fowler Museum in UCLA held an exhibition on the jewellery of India’s Thar Desert, with over 160 silver jewellery pieces, set against the backdrop of the 5000-year-old history of the Indian subcontinent. The border region was a gateway to the country and the many conquerors such as Babur and Alexander the Great among others brought in their own cultural influences. According to jewellery historian Dr. Usha Balakrishnan, the region holds special interest because some of the oldest and most historic forms of ornamentation have been preserved here. We provide a glimpse of some of these pieces in Spotlight.
Even though white diamonds remain a classic choice, women today are opting for stunning fancy coloured diamond combinations in high-end jewellery. Since the last couple of years, canary yellow and earth tone diamonds have started finding favour among the au courant. Our Cover Feature underlines this trend, showcasing designer pieces from top brands.
Famed international jewellery designer Shelly Purdy loves diamonds. Known as the ‘diamond ambassador’, she designs one-off gold collections embedded with these glittering gemstones of Canadian origin. This award-winning artist does bespoke commissions – especially engagement and anniversary rings. Read about her 25-year-long journey in this field.
In the run-up to the festive and wedding season, ADORN showcases a cornucopia of bridal jewellery that resonates with the aesthetics of the modern woman. Turn to Get The Look and Jewel Gallery to check out what’s in vogue.

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