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HAIR magazine is a pioneer in the hair industry in India. Launched five years ago in India, it follows a long and rich tradition of HAIR UK, which is UK’s biggest hair magazine. Great styles, trendy cuts, well-informed articles about hair colour and expert advice – you will find all this and more in HAIR. We bring you top stylists from India and abroad to tell you about the styles that are ruling the ramps across the world. HAIR updates you about salon openings, product launches, new collection releases, et al. We also bring you hot products and tried & tested recommendations that you can use to get beautiful tresses. Our exclusive style features and special themes add to the excitement of reading the magazine. HAIR boasts of famous faces from tinsel town and the fashion world on its covers as well as their exclusive interviews inside. What’s more, the magazine has a section dedicated to beauty comprising latest launches, skincare and make-up tips. Get to know what’s happening in the big, trendy world of beauty in HAIR. From celebrity styles to catwalk trends, our beauty section endeavours to get you all that’s best for you every month. We feature well-known dermatologists, reputed make-up artists and top brands that offer you complete beauty solutions. HAIR is the one-stop-shop to all your hair and beauty needs. less


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