2014 No. 1 : Page 1

Vault Magazine February 20, 2014 00:00

In this issue of Vault Magazine : our common view of life in Japan today is
obscured by contemporary stereotypes of the Japanese. The image
of the vacuous salaryman, the pejorative term the Japanese give
to white-collar workers, and that of geeky otaku, are particularly
powerful. No doubt, there is some truth behind these clichés.
The silly hyper-consumerism and artifice represented by karaoke
bars, pachinko parlors and cosplay conventions are all real and
inexplicably ingrained in contemporary Japanese society. But it’s
only half the picture. The other side of the Japanese personality
reveals a yearning for tradition, authenticity and a deep respect
to the natural state of things. Like the opposing sides of yin
and yang that form a paradoxical whole, much of Japanese life
still embrace the duality of nature. One only has to look at
the country with a different set of eyes to appreciate its true
This issue is dedicated to those values
and the craftsmen and establishments that are keeping these
traditions alive.

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