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Vault Magazine August 20, 2014 00:00

In this issue of Vault Magazine : Back to basics: Vault honors 10 artisanal brands.

Vault dedicates an entire issue to the theme of craftsmanship, paying tribute to the best achievements of the human hand and the creativity and genius that guides it. We revisit our roots and literally search the world for the best expressions of human perfection—or at least, the pursuit of it.

We treat craftsmanship as a means to an end—not glorify it as an end in itself. The true test of an artisan’s skill is the final product of his work and no amount of painstaking handcraftsmanship on his part compensates for a poorly designed and made piece. In these pages, we go behind the scenes into the milieu of the artisan and capture the steps involved in making the products we love, many of which have become icons of our age.

The brands featured here are: Steinway & Sons and Santoni, which defy mass-produced pianos and footwear coming out of the giant factories of China; Nakaya and Audemars Piguet, which are crafted in precision in the realm of fountain pens and mechanical watches; and Leica and BMW M, which are fine-tuned using little more than the basic human senses to assess quality.

These, plus other important brands complete Vault’s fascination with handmade objects and the artisans who produce them borne out of nostalgia for the past.

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