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BluPrint October 01, 2018 00:00

In this issue of BluPrint : BluPrint's second special issue of the year contains manifestos of architects, designers, and allied professionals who are shaking things up in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. It is interesting that “manifesto” is rooted in the Latin words manus and festus meaning “hand” and “struck;” relating to the moment of confession after one is “struck by a hand” or apprehended. In our case, there were no arrests; only e-mails. The amalgam eventually evolved (as most Latin words did) to mean the official declarations of a political party. Although none of us have written our manifestos with the aim of running for office, the things we do at our desks and on site everyday affect more than just personal spheres. In effect, good design can be thought of as a public service. Essentially, each manifesto (short or long) expresses two things: a conviction about the purpose of design in our lives, society, and the environment; and a commitment to fulfill that purpose. Here we have made our beliefs, hopes, and promises public so we can be held accountable by you, our readers, and, when the time comes, by our future selves.

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