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MEGA Man January 01, 2020 00:00

In this issue of MEGA Man : The turn of the new year usually signifies a severe shift. Whether it be of temperament, point-of-view, or physical change, this curious pivot in the calendar allows a point of introspection and realization that hopefully trickles throughout the rest of the year. Most opportune as it is, there is only a swelling surge of hope that things get better than what has gone by.

A fitting first first into the new year, this first issue of the decade is no procedural reminder that rotates on change, resolution, and clean slates. What this stands to be is a consciousness to make things matter and count, just as Kit Thompson has since navigated his return to the mainstream. Yes, there will always be something to prove, something to say, and most importantly, something to do. While that still persists with enough aggression to spring us forward, there now exists an understanding that you don’t have to go hard or else you’ll go home. Any efforts will stack up to an end that is nothing but right and deserving of and by you. Welcome to the new year, a new age, and fittingly, a new you.

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