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Closer (US) 15th March 2021
Closer (US)
Globe 15th March 2021
InTouch (US) 15th March 2021
InTouch (US)
J-14 May 2021
Life & Style 15th March 2021
Life & Style
National Enquirer 15th March 2021
National Enquirer
OK! (US) 15th March 2021
OK! (US)
Soap Opera Digest March 15 2021
Soap Opera Digest
Star (US) 15th March 2021
Star (US)
Us Weekly 15th March 2021
Us Weekly
Animal Tales April 2021
Animal Tales
Men's Journal Jan Feb 21
Men's Journal
Girl's World March 2021
Girl's World
Powder Winter 2020
Surfer Fall 2020
Bike Fall 2020
Muscle & Fitness Apr 2020
Muscle & Fitness
Quizfest May 2020
Muscle & Fitness Hers Spring 2019
Muscle & Fitness Hers
Transworld Skateboarding Mar-Apr 2019
Transworld Skateboarding
TransWorld Motorcross Mar 2019
TransWorld Motorcross
TransWorld Snowboarding Dec 2018
TransWorld Snowboarding
Flex Apr 2018
Men's Fitness Oct 2017
Men's Fitness
Country Weekly May 2 2016
Country Weekly
Fit Pregnancy April / May 2015
Fit Pregnancy
Shape April 2015
Natural Health March / April 2015
Natural Health