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In this issue of The HR Digest : ‘Deskbound sitting is the new smoking’ by Kelly Starrett and Glen Cordoza examines how rapidly inactivity can cause harm. Being sedentary for nine hours is bad whether your employee is marathon-runner fit or morbidly obese. In the quest for better physical and mental health, U.S. employers are integrating corporate wellness strategies to provide a health and productivity boosting culture. The numbers tell us this wide-movement against the chair-based lifestyle that leads to loss of productivity over abseentism and various other factors. The U.S. corporate health and wellness market in the U.S. is expected to reach $8 billion by 2018. The pursuit for innovate ways to keep employees engaged in wellness programs is becoming more important than ever before. Our Cover Story, ‘The Fruits of Corporate Wellness’ runs from page 66-75. Further, in this issue, we have Chief Happiness Officer, Alex Kjerulf sharing an enormously influential idea – happiness at work. Too often, workplaces become monotonous with every process routinized to its core. And this raises a deeper question: In the face of such routinization and overemphasis on maximum efficiency, are you settling gloom over employee happiness? Alex Kjerulf shares an intoxicating view on employee happiness. Plunge in, page 100-111!

Workplace Culture, page 112-123, delves into the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, meaning ‘small, incremental, continuous improvement,’ where companies call for never-ending efforts for improvement to create a high impact learning culture. Among other things, we have, Legal Hub, page 76-80, covering companies guilty of child labor and its legal implications, Q&A with Jane, page 30-40, your official canon for brutally honest, straightforward answers to HR related queries, and concerns answered by Jane Harper.

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