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The HR Digest April 01, 2016 00:00

In this issue of The HR Digest : It is amazing how the HR Technology landscape has snuck up on us. Fueled by innovation and VC firms investing heavily in the HR tech industry. In 2015, we saw nvestment deals of over $600 million and private equity research deals worth over $900 million. This led us to track HR software companies – and we found over 100 new startups in talent analytics, online learning, assessment science, mid-core HR systems, and social and referral recruiting alone in the standalone Human Resources management milieu. With that in mind, we bring to you, β€˜Top HR Software Systems of 2016’. Plunge In!

Further, in this issue, we have explored the proliferation of companies hiring 1099-ers to supplement their workforce as a part of their business models to deliver high profits for its investors. Legal Hub (p 84) delves into misclassification lawsuit that is set to go down the jury trial beginning June 20, 2016. The increasing number of IC misclassification cases highlights reflects that companies have not yet minimized their misclassification liability. The conversation in Legal Hub is largely driven by the lawsuit brought against Uber, a legal battle that has reached fever pitch.

Among other things, we have, Employee Benefits (p 48) worklife integration and freedom at work, Q&A with Jane (p 38), the problem with maternity leave in the U.S. and how one company is making it easier on employees and the companies (p 90) in HR Tools & Technology, and alternatives to traditional hiring methods (p 96) in Recruitment Point.

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