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In this issue of The HR Digest : The HR Digest’s ranking of the ‘Most Influential HR Leaders Of The Year’ is meant to be a measure of their enduring success. We track and analyze each HR Leader’s performance, their influence, starting from day one of his or her tenure. Our goal is to create a list that goes beyond the recent quarterly and annual results, and truly evaluate long-term performance. Our view is that, in the mercurial corporate world, the perfect measure of an HR Leader’s work is not quantifiable. Rather, it is reflected on the human side of the business, i.e. a company’s corporate culture and values.

Further, in this issue, we debate the benefits of defining a code of ethics and conduct, which has been a long-standing part of the corporate world. We discuss why companies follow the cardinal rules of creating and implementing company codes, and its myriad practical purposes. Plunge in, Leadership Inshights, page 28-37!

Workplace Culture, page 124-135, delves into the beauty of open-book management. The most misunderstood fact about openbook management is that one needs to share 100% information. Misunderstood fact’s like this is why companies are still debating the merits of open books to employees and vendors. The HR Digest sheds new light on the benefits of sharing some financial or operating data with key employees and vendors.

Among other things, we have, Legal Hub, page 88-93, the difficult experience of taking disciplinary procedure against employees and the legal implications it is not conducted thoroughly and transparently; Q&A with Jane, page 38-47, your official canon for brutally honest, straightforward answers to HR related queries, and concerns answered by Jane Harper.

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