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All about Italy October 22, 2018 00:00

In this issue of All about Italy : ISSUES OF GREAT BEAUTY
Tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and technology, aesthetics and functionality. It’s called “Made in Italy”, a brand, a guarantee of excellence, the unique and universally recognized capacity for the co-existence and consolidation of the many strong points of that beautiful country - Italy.
It is an achievement, which testifies both to a cultural legacy, transmitted and enriched from generation to generation right up to the present day,
and to a widespread and, one could even say, “genetic” sensibility towards beauty. It is the very essence of typical Italian products and their symbolic value, which directs the buyers imagination towards the countryside, colors, bel canto, art.
We shouldn’t, however, neglect to tell you of the myth behind the myth, that spotlit, open-air stage that is, and has always been, Italy.
Spotlights, which illuminate an era that is impossible to replicate for no other reason than its unique combination of worldliness and intellectual ferment, which has generated an immortal image.
As immortal as the shots of Marcello Geppetti, witness to, and interpreter of, a legendary era, consciously and happily frivolous, to which we would like to take this opportunity to dedicate a tribute.
It’s a story, which continues to grow, like the proverbial “Rossini’s Crescendo”, that magnificent and evocative musical moment which well sums-up the power of an absolute musical genius. For Gioacchino Rossini, 150 years after his death, a celebration of his maxim “Eating, loving, singing and digestion are the four acts in the comic opera that is life”.
It is a culture that lives by and within places, in the memories of those who have visited them, however briefly, and in the remembrances of those who have lived there, for however long, of their own history of that aura of beauty and elegance, which over the years they have been a part of.
All the world’s markets look to this when assessing an Italian product,
each one bound closely to a vision of the history and culture of Italy, and the spirit of its cities and their beauty.

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