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All about Italy October 22, 2018 00:00

In this issue of All about Italy : WE ALWAYS NEED BEAUTY
New Year, and our challenge remains the same. Once again, as always, we won’t give up reminding you of life’s colorfulness, the beauty of a country so close to our heart and, at the same time, an expression of a culture and history irredeemably fascinating, stretching back across the years.
This year, 2018, represents an important moment for global recognition
of one of the founding values of Made in Italy: In fact, the Agricultural Ministries of Food and Forestry Policies, along with Cultural Heritage and Tourism, have dubbed these 12 months the National Year of Italian Food. Throughout the year, enogastronomic and cultural events will showcase Italian tradition — the expert voice on how to transform art, beauty and culture into the pinnacle expression of all things good.
“It’s a thing of beauty that, should we call it our own, would cheer us,
and would still do so even if it were to belong to someone else”: there are no words more appropriate than those of the ‘Maestro’ Umberto Eco to describe the spirit of sharing embodied in this twenty year story of beauty. The beauty of the art of creation, that capacity to think in narratives and films in homage to the great Italian names who down the years have explored the world of expression, writing the history of the Oscars through to the present day. The beauty of a long musical journey accompanied by the composer and producer Mauro Paoluzzi which reveal to us unpublished episodes in his long collaboration with Gianna Nannini and other stars on the international scene.
The beauty of a modern-day inventor, Luigi Borgato, who, in his workshop, piece by piece, created some of the most wonderful pianos in the world. The beauty of being alive within our open, artistic world even though, because of its heritage, Italy is finding herself ever more on the radar of international tourism, which is particularly true of those towns which make up the ‘spine’ of the Italian peninsula.
A story within a story then, like a great big universe enclosed within an iconic, quality brand-name such as Lamborghini - as remarked by its manager, Christian Mastro.
Look to the future without ever forgetting the importance of tradition: to this end we’re at the beginning of a new adventure, a new collaboration with Artemest, an appointment with the best of Italian craftsmanship to explore its creative world.
Because with beauty, one must know how to recognize it.

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