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All about Italy October 27, 2018 00:00

In this issue of All about Italy : ITALY, OR BETTER, THE ART OF SURPRISE
This creative volcano known as Italy is where a dialogue amongst objects, style, and protagonists lives on, making up a symphonic fresco of art. A story composed of many voices, all coexisting with history and time, respecting the details just as the country itself with its many small national realities, in its many cultures within culture, traditions in tradition.
Unparalleled economic and cultural wellbeing spring from the creative process, starting with conception, segueing to production and finding completion in the grand finale of works and services. “Creativity and culture are the wealth of a society, the expression
of a people,” it is often said. Personally, I find that there is no truer statement, especially when considering the “Belpaese”.
The entire heritage of the boot can be reduced precisely to that
ability to create with a unique and non-replicable style. A genius that embraces the history of this great country indelibly falls under the great “Made in Italy” banner, living and proliferating.
This latest addition to the Lamborghini line is motorized proof... it presents a new style icon that joins the long history of Italian-driving elegance — a car that goes beyond the road to become a masterful example of design and shape.
The art of Fabio Viale, eccentric, perhaps, provocative, when needed, is another swath of truth: he is a child of our time and manages his talent with the maturity of those who know that art is not just on display in a case, but must break the glass to get across a message to those willing to listen.

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