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All about Italy May 06, 2019 00:00

In this issue of All about Italy : In a world that changes at increasingly high speed, the Made in Italy brand - in all its aspects responds, on one hand, by protecting and preserving its prized heritage, and on the other, by developing its strengths. The brand has an innate ability to reinvent itself in the international arena based on the winds of change. An instinctive ability when you consider how Italy’s notable products in gastronomy and other fields reflects a tradition and a history that has been handed down for centuries, yet are increasingly prevalent and recognized around the world. As an example, look at the masterpieces of art and architecture in Venice, a unique and jagged city, a beauty that floats and is always tied to the tricolor.

This cultural and artistic heritage constantly reminds us and our readers of the many reasons why Italy is appreciated and admired all over the world. This heritage includes the brilliant work of creative minds unique in the world. Like Marco Gallotta, an Italian from Battipaglia - in the province of Salerno - who chose a simple medium such as paper to express himself and leave messages. Unwritten messages, but engraved and immersed in the Italian character and art culture that gave him his inspiration.

This is the same identity that we want to strengthen with our commitment to sharing important and accurate information about Italian know-how and attention to quality, and to spreading knowledge about the country and her authentic traditions.

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