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Beer Connoisseur March 23, 2017 00:00

In this issue of Beer Connoisseur : One of the best things about beer is that it brings people together... depending on who you ask and how many snifters they've snuffed.

Competition within the industry is friendly and spirited, and at the end of the day you'll find everyone at the pub enjoying their fellow brewers' creations and offering constructive criticism. This is a sentiment at the core of craft brewing, and it's incredibly important to maintain. Craft has been defined to death but it's nothing without heart and soul.

This issue we cover many different brewers -- some hallowed, like Belgium's century and a quarter year-old Vander Ghinste, and some bright eyed and bushy ale'd, like New Jersey's Cape May Brewing Company, before we branch into adjacent industries for the lowdown on artisan glassware and its place in craft brewing.

We talk with the Beervangelist, Fred Bueltmann, who offers advice for growing a brewery in 2017's uber-competitive market, along with a message of collaboration over competition and quality over quantity which applies as much to everyday life as it does to beer. And of course, we've got the best reviews in the biz, accompanied with Brewer Q&A's, news and more, designed to elucidate and enhance your appreciation of the majestic bespoke suds we clamor for.

Have heart, and stay sharper than an elephant's tusk. Keep watch for the diacetyl. Cheers from The Beer Connoisseur!

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