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Sports Life Magazine

Sports Life magazine covering all Professional, Extreme & College sports. You! the reader are on a need to know bases. All extreme sports such as Go Pro and Red bull will be a major factor of our new and improved sports magazine publication. Sports Life magazine now comes with live interactive video embedded into any pictures or logo of your choice. It's like live TV in your ad. Articles – Good topics for articles include anything related to your life. something you can relate to. Not just what the media thinks. Although, Can we trust some of the media sources? or are they to involved on the hate and crime that is out there today? Some say, "Are we getting the full story?" It is hard to believe what is out there with so much getting in the way of the truth. Sports Life magazine's photo and writing Journalists will give you the best there is in the sports magazine industry, Digital and Paperback. Clarity like never before, Illustrations like no other. Years of knowledge and of course, dedication. It is important to have a team on which we all believe in the same thing, the same course and political views. Thank you for visiting.


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